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October 2014

Talent Management Cover Package

  • Recruiting/Retention — Accommodating workers with special health issues.
  • Employee Engagement — A look at what factors make teams cohesive and successful, plus how happiness drives job satisfaction and engagement.

October Features

  • HR Technology/Wellness — The popularity of electronic “health tracker” devices in the workplace.
  • Retirement — What companies should know about offering stock as part of their retirement savings plans.
  • Employment Law — New guidance on accommodating pregnant women.

October Opportunities

  • Benefits & HR Technology Provider Profiles — Tell your story with a two-page spread featuring your full-page ad as well as your description, logo and more.
  • Bonus Distribution — Additional copies for attendees of the SHRM Strategy Conference, the SHRM Diversity Conference, Staffing World, and HR Southwest.

Closes: August 29 | Materials Due: September 3



  • November 2014
    Space Closes: 10/03/2014

    This issue features:

    • Rewards & Employee Recognition Agenda
    • Relocation Provider Profile
    • Bonus Distribution at SHRM Leadership Conference
    • Special Opportunity: HR Yellow Pages
  • December 2014
    Space Closes: 10/31/2014

    This issue features:

    • Annual Salary Survey
    • Education & Training Agenda

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